Superheroes are loved globally, providing humanity a beacon of hope when things are looking bleak. To know that a super-strong, powered person can swoop in and save the day is a soothing thought. And if they have a sidekick? Even better! Two for the price of one, even if their lieutenant is a little green. But in Sidekicks, apprenticing the big-name heroes is not all that it’s cracked up to be and these newbies get to take center stage.

Created by Iron Shin, the web series is a tale that turns the superhero genre on its ear. The approach is similar to Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys, where the world really doesn’t know the heroes they worship, and in some cases that is a dangerous thing. Sidekicks is waaaaay less graphic and gratuitous than the Dynamite series, but no less effective. Here, the audience gets a unique perspective from the sidekicks, and just as the bright-eyed heroes-in-training get an eyeopening (and dream-dashing) view of what powered individuals are really like, so do we.

For Dream Girl, being Darkslug’s sidekick was her lifelong goal. Learning she too had powers was the greatest day of her life and she couldn’t wait to dive into the world of saving people and stopping villains. Little by little, Darkslug’s true nature reveals itself, and Dream Girl starts to question everything. It doesn’t make her any less heroic, but will she find her way in the powered world without his help or will she team up with an unlikely resource, forming her own group?

Sidekicks is available to read in its entirety on Webtoons. Click here to begin.