I’ve said it before–I love a good anthology. The short format is the perfect way to sneak in a quick, complete read any time of day. Horror anthologies are especially effective; a good spooky story doesn’t need a lot of setup and development to scare the pants off you. That is where Scroll If You Dare succeeds. 

With 29 different creators contributing unsettling tales of terror, the Webtoons series offers an assortment of stories just in time for Halloween. Curses, evil spirits, creepy nursing homes, and plenty of twists fill every panel. The pacing in each installment works well to set the tone, and many of the shockers are so well-developed that you don’t see them coming until the big reveal.  

The comic is for mature readers and many of the images are disturbing. I will admit that some of the graphics and jumpscares built into the scrolling made me jump. As an avid horror reader/watcher who is often disappointed by the lack of really scary moments, it’s refreshing to actually be a little freaked out by some of the stories in this series.

Scroll If You Dare updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Begin reading here!

Scroll If You Dare