It’s my favorite season! Fall, pumpkin spice (don’t judge me), and best of all, Halloween! For the Small Press Spotlight this week, we’re checking out Rougarou, a single-issue horror western from Uncharted Wilderness Studios hitting comic shops today, September 28. 


Writer Giles Clarke and penciler/inker Jose Rondon team up with colorist Felipe Obando for the series. AndWorld Design is on letters and Zack Ketz takes on logo design. 

Check out a plot synopsis below:

A Colorado homestead ranch 1868. A young girl is attacked by a mysterious beast in the dead of night. The next morning, the U.S. Marshall arrives and recounts the tale of the Rougarou, a creature he has been tracking across the country but is always one step behind. Now, what began as one man’s mission of justice will lead to a showdown that no one could have expected.

Take a peek at a few pages before grabbing your copy today!

Rougarou Rougarou Rougarou Rougarou