The Small Press Spotlight is getting ready for Halloween a little early. Honestly? I hate summer. I love the fall and all things spooky, so I have no problem offering horror/Halloween books right now in this sweltering August weather.

This week, we take a look at Vicious Circus: Satanic Panic, the next chapter in the horror saga from Flatline Comics. A Kickstarter campaign for the book is currently running and will end on August 14–get your pledges in now!

Satanic Panic

Read details below:

“At the height of 1980’s Satanism paranoia, a real evil threatens the vulnerable, an evil so dark it conjures a demon clown from Hell. 

A girl failed by the very people charged to protect and nurture her finds connection with a burgeoning Hellish force more wicked than imagined by the self-righteous hypocrites of her school and more dangerous than the awful adults in her life.

What arcane monster is unleashed by the Satanic Panic that so permeates the closed minds that surround this girl? What dark vengeance does it portend for the real-life monsters who mean her harm? And what connection does it have to the Vicious Circus?

Vicious Circus: Satanic Panic is a one-shot, 24-page comic written and lettered by Erica J. Heflin and illustrated by series co-creator Amanda Rachels, with colors by Vito Potenza. This story is a brand new, stand-alone tale featuring the characters and situations you know and love from our ongoing Vicious Circus series of comics and specials.”

Backers can choose from softcover, hardcover, metal cover, and sketch covers. Or, if you’re an avid collector, opt to get all of the cover options. Upgrade any or all comics in your rewards to Deluxe Editions featuring creator autographs and unique interior sketches by Rachels.

Satanic Panic

Check out some art below and head here to pledge.