Although this feature is devoted to free comics, the site  inhabits a bit of a grey area. Although there dozens and dozens of free comics to read, from a dazzling array of indie cartoonists, the site also operates on a “pay what you wish” model. So after reading The Great McGonagall by Roger Langridge, you may feel so inclined to donate a dollar or more. So not entirely “free” but a great place to sample comics, and we’ll be dipping in here often. The comics are available both in a webreader or as downloadable torrents, so there is something for everyone.

As for The Great McGonagall…well it’s Roger Langridge, the comic comics genius, so most people will say nuff said. But the actual story is enticing as well, as he explains:

lt’s been a while coming, but today I’m starting a new web comic, The Great McGonagall, about a (somewhat fictionalised) journey from Dundee to London made in 1880 by William “Topaz” McGonagall, the worst poet in the world (more about him here and here, if you’re not already familiar with him – or else read the short introductory piece in my comic, which should get you up to speed pretty quickly). I’ll be posting a page every week at ZCO.MX.

McGonagall is a fascinating figure, despite (or perhaps because of) his total absence of talent. I’ve been thinking about doing a comic about him for some time, as his “theatrical loser” persona ticks a lot of boxes for me. Should be fun.

Astonishingly, McGonagall is a historic personage, but also the star of a movie starring Peter Sellars and Spike Milligan, and referenced by JK Rowling, Monty Python and others for his ghastly verse. IF you like those things, you will probably like this, so jump on board.