Trauma can happen on many levels. Personal issues, family trouble, world events–whatever the cause, the aftereffects can be devastating and hard to overcome. For Kim in Webtoons’ Of What Remains, trauma and abandonment are part of her life, and she has been a survivor so far. But for how much longer?

Created by Sillvi Studios, the new thriller web series time jumps through events in Kim’s life and the world at large, painting a picture of the events that have brought the protagonist and her family to their current state. While the tensions and political upheaval in her rural hometown worsen, Kim also starts to uncover and unravel secrets from her childhood that could completely overturn her entire world for good. 

The art is mostly black and white, with a few hints of muted color here and there, which adds to the overall somber tone of the comic. While there may be triggers in the narrative, mainly regarding domestic violence, its presence helps the reader better understand where Kim has been and how she has gotten to this point. It also makes you root for her survival. 

Of What Remains updates every Monday. Click here to begin reading the first few episodes.

Of What Remains