In the first episode of Marvel Infinity Comics Presents: Hulkling & Wiccan by Josh Trujillo, Jodi Nishijima, Matt Milla, and Ariana Maher, edited by Alanna Smith, available today on Marvel Unlimited, readers get to check in on Billy Kaplan-Altman (A.K.A. Wiccan) and Teddy Kaplan-Altman (A.K.A. Hulkling), collectively, one of the very best couples in the whole Marvel multiverse!

“Possibilities” Part 1

In the comic, newlyweds Billy and Teddy are hosting a few guests for a dinner party (and the guest list can only be described as “all-star,” being that it includes members of Alpha Flight and an Omega-Level Mutant… no spoilers on who, but he makes a powerful argument for changing his superhero name to “Pies-man”).

Hulkling & Wiccan
Omega-Level Pies

Meanwhile, devoted fans of the characters will be thrilled to see that the story draws on both more recent and older history: for example, when a mysterious delivery arrives to create tension for the subsequent issues of the series, it’s hinted that it was sent thanks the machinations of one of Billy’s mother’s oldest acquaintances (and when I say Billy’s mother, I’m not referring to Rebecca Kaplan).

Hulkling & Wiccan
Who sent this weird dating sim??

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then never fear: the Marvel Unlimited app has lots of back issues featuring Billy, Hulkling, the Scarlet Witch, and any other magical character who might get entangled in this new scrolling comic!

You might consider either 2010’s Avengers: The Children’s Crusade by Allan Heinberg, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, John Livesay, Dave Meinkis, Dexter Vines, Justin Ponsor, Paul Mounts, and Cory Petit, or 2020’s Empyre by Al Ewing, Dan SlottValerio SchitiMarte Gracia, and Joe Caramagna… and if you’ve got further reading recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

Hulkling & Wiccan

Did you read the first episode of this new Infinity Comic and then immediately want to read more? Well, never fear: Hulkling & Wiccan will feature new chapters each week throughout the month of November.

Do you have a subscription to Marvel Unlimited? Which one of the Infinity Comics has been your favorite so far? What did you thinking of Hulkling & Wiccan?

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