How would you feel if you were dropped in a virtual world where you were being chased by an unhinged Furry? Probably a bit freaked out and definitely confused, to say the least. Not Another Cliché! by Simkray is a slice-of-life comedic fantasy series where magical swords, enchanted woods, and a club for Furries are part of the landscape.

The Tapas series offers a wild ride through a colorful world, and if you try the series for any reason, come for the art. The clean style is perfect for protagonist Sky’s expressive face in each panel. The color palette is stunning, with rich purples, blues, and greens saturating the virtual game world in which the characters traverse.

Even though the story is filled with amusing dialogue (particularly Sky’s wit and sarcasm), there is a mystery to unravel. Sky doesn’t know how she ended up in the game, least of all in the most dangerous part of it. Her encounters with others as she moves through different levels slowly reveal tidbits about what is going on and Sky’s purpose, with each episode unveiling more hints.

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Not Another Cliche!