While Phillipe has been killing our free comics feature thus far, I’m still exploring and finding new people to read and follow. I’ve been digging into Instagram comcis a bit, one of the most successful new platform for comics with some of the most popular getting mega book deals and huge followings (Sarah Anderson, Aminder Dhaliwal)

But there are also quieter strips. Niall Breen is part of Frank Santoro’s Comics Workbook gang, a process and indie focused group of like-minded cartoonists. Most instagram comics are just the comic strips of yore in a new medium – four panels of wry observations, savage slapstick and positivity. Breen is a minimalist in the John Porcellino mold, his simple doodles affirming life’s simultaneous struggle and joy. Darkness and depression can descend, but a kind word and a warm touch keep us going for days more.

Breen’s  winter-themed comics are hitting me hard right now – I’d love to have a magical snow here in the city, enjoying the silence and whiteness…but so far just gross freezing rain and single digits. And tomorrow it’s going to be 60 degrees. Oh well. It’s a britgh new day!

Breen has a few comics on tumblr, too. I couldn’t find out much more about him.

Do you have an Instagram comic you’d like to bring to our attention? Let us know!




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