In Meow Man, Bonnie is a little lonely and searching for a partner. She has her eye on Nathan, the attractive classmate she encounters regularly at college, but she’s not sure if he notices her. When she takes in a stray kitten, the last thing she imagines is that the cat is actually a half-man-half-cat named Claude from another realm.

Created by Olso, the comedy/romance webcomic is…strange. And yet, I couldn’t stop reading through episode after episode. Claude a little needy and kind of embarrassing, especially when he’s trying to fit in with human life. Bonnie, on the other hand, is neurotic and unsure what to make of the cat man, but she’s also strangely attracted to him despite how high maintenance and feline he is. And how do you explain any of this to friends, particularly her close buddy Jina?!

There are some pretty humorous panels mixed into the wackiness of it all, so if you are looking for something different and lighthearted, Meow Man may check all the boxes. The web series has been running since 2019, and with more than a hundred installments, the odd little love story is still going strong.

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Meow Man