Drawn & Quarterly recently released Joe Ollmann’s latest graphic novel, The Abominable Mr. Seabrook. Joe Ollmann worked on this graphic for a period of five years, not simply to write and illustrate the book, but also to do extensive research on the life of the extremely colourful author William Seabrook.  Not simply content with this biography, Ollmann offers us a look at his process, at the making of this comic biography. In a series of three comics available over at The Paris Review, Ollmann walks us through his creative process, from the early ideas that led to the conception of the book, to the long research he undertook all the way through writing and illustrating the book. It’s a great supplement to the graphic novel if you’ve read it, but it’s also an interesting read on its own as it describes the creative process of this comic biography.

You can see the first part here, Part 2 is here and Part 3 right here