What happens when the real world clashes with your favorite D&D archetypes? In Dungeons & Dentists, realms collide when an orc from a very distant magical place drops onto good ol’ earth and needs… a dentist?

Created by Tricia Rose, the quirky Webtoon series mixes fantasy and comedy to create a sweet, unique tale. Read the synopsis here:

There’s no tooth too big, no cavity too small for Sandy Smyles, pediatric dentist extraordinaire. She’s confident she can handle it all… until a large green jerk storms in claiming he’s going to conquer her world. Is he in cosplay? Is he… an actual orc? Either way, Sandy is going to have to take on her biggest case yet: saving Earth!

While the concept is fun and fresh, I found myself enjoying the subtle jokes and one-liners mixed in. Sandy isn’t as freaked out by the big green orc as you’d think she should be. While everyone thinks he’s cosplaying, Sandy knows he is the real deal, making it even funnier how fascinated by him she is. 

The fluid art style matches the lighthearted, playful tone of the web series, and overall the series offers readers an easy-to-read, cute story that also provides a big epic tale as it progresses. The fish out of water/worlds colliding trope isn’t new, but this version of it is enjoyable. 

Dungeons & Dentists updates every Thursday. Dive in here.

Dungeons & Dentists