Everyone knows that a good ghost story has to have some kind of twist. Just when you think you have a handle on everything that’s going on in the story, a subversion of your expectations leaves you reeling, questioning everything you thought to be true! In Ghost Teller by QTT, the first twist is that these ghost stories are being told by the ghosts themselves, and the subject matter focuses on something truly horrifying: humans!

Ghost Teller is an anthology series that features five-part stories about various despicable humans and the dirty deeds they get up to. The tales are being told by six ghosts (or in some cases, demons) who are sitting around a table and exchanging stories with one another.

Ghost Teller

The setup of the six ghosts around the table telling stories serves as a narrative frame for this horror anthology. In between each of the terrible tables about the depths of which humans are capable of sinking, the ghosts react and comment on the proceedings. While the stories are generally bleak and devoid of hope, the ghost segments can be darkly humorous, and in many cases, the spirits have been just as horrified by the stories as the reader.

The twists are by no mean confined to the spooky narrative frame, however: the stories themselves delight in pulling the rug out from under you just when you think you’ve figured out who the “hero” might be, or when you have finally concluded that a certain character is worthy of your trust. These are tales of outright horror, however, and it should be noted that there is plenty of blood, death, and utterly loathsome human beings.

Ghost Teller is currently in its second season on Webtoon, so there are plenty of spooky stories in the anthology series to catch up on right now.