Imagine waking up surrounded by dead people and darkness, and not knowing how you got there. In Distant Sky on Webtoons, Seoul, Korea is plunged into an apocalypse, but it’s way scarier—and mysterious—than your usual end-of-the-world scenarios.

Written by Inwan Youn and with art by Sunhee Kim, a young man wakes up in a building near Gangnam Station surrounded by dead bodies and shrouded in pitch darkness. Even the stars are gone. As he works his way out of where he awakens, it seems the whole city is affected. There are no cars, no power, no food, and any people he encounters are dead, except for a mysterious young girl and a strange individual trying to destroy the only thing that keeps the critters away—light. Oh yeah, critters. Everywhere. Crawling and creeping over you in the darkness.

The web series is incredibly effective at setting up atmosphere. The black and white art has a splash of red here and there, letting the reader feel what the protagonist does as he navigates his way into the blackness. The pacing and long panels of black, sketchy piles of bodies and other disturbing sights create an ominous feeling, igniting tension as if you yourself are walking among the dead and plunged into unnatural darkness. As the boy wades through the frightening new world, you feel the anticipation and fear he does. There are strange sounds, awful sights, and a feeling of complete, creepy solitude.

Distant Sky updates every Friday on Webtoons. Click here to enjoy a good scare.

Distant Sky