(NOTE: This article contains spoilers for today’s Infinite Frontier #0. Do not read further until you have read today’s issue if you wish to remain unspoiled.)

Today’s Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot is only the beginning. DC Comics has announced a new six-issue Infinite Frontier mini-series from writer Joshua Williamson, artist Xermanico, and cover artist Mitch Gerads set to debut in June. No colorist or letterer were named in the announcement. Along with the news of the six-issue series, the publisher revealed a full slate of titles for the upcoming months, including a previously-unannounced Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow title.

Infinite Frontier #0 Teaser Art
Art from INFINITE FRONTIER #0 by John Timms & Alex Sinclair

The Infinite Frontier miniseries will pick up on threads established in today’s one-shot, including the unexplained resurrection of Roy Harper, the new role Barry Allen will play in the Multiverse, and the return of DC übervillain Darkseid. Here’s how the publisher describes the six-issue series:

In this summer event, Alan Scott, the Green Lantern from the Justice Society of America, has noticed some of his allies are still missing in action, and he’s determined to find them. There are others, though, that would rather remain hidden than explain themselves, like Roy Harper, a.k.a. Arsenal, a man who should be dead now is not. Plus, what does all this mean for the DCU’s place in the Multiverse? On opposite sides of a dimensional divide, both Barry Allen and President Superman ponder this question. Not to mention the Darkseid of it all! Or a team of Multiversal heroes called Justice Incarnate!

As someone who has been eager to read a Justice Incarnate series ever since their introduction during the Grant Morrison-written The Multiversity series in 2015, this sounds extremely exciting.

Infinite Frontier is the latest collaboration between Williamson and Xermanico. The writer and artist previously teamed for last year’s “Doom Metal” storyline in Justice League #53 through 57. That storyline was colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr. and lettered by Tom Napolitano.

Check out the listing of DC’s full slate of titles for the next several months below, and keep an eye out for news on the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow creative team as it’s announced. Infinite Frontier #1 (of 6) is scheduled to arrive in print and digitally on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021.