The title says it all, but Scurti has an autistic sister and draws a gorgeous piece about the many levels – from society’s disdain to her own shame – of difficulties the mentally and physically challenged must face.



You can see more of Scurti’s artwork at her website. It’s gorgeous. She’s also dawn several issues of Tales of the Night Watchman and she draws FABIOLA & YLINI for Oni.





  1. OK, to be clear, I think Donald Trump is a terrible, terrible choice for a President and I think he is going to do a terrible terrible job. However, I did happen to be provided with a video that showed a couple of other speeches where he did same the shaking/hand flailing mannerism when talking about other (presumably non-disabled) people as a means of adding drama to a story where someone was nervous and having to retract their previous statements. So on this one thing, I actually don’t believe he was intentionally mocking a disabled person. That is, his mannerisms were not intended to duplicate those of the disability. Now, one could argue that he was still mocking another human being in a manner that was uncalled for, and that I would still agree with. But when I feel I am in the right, I don’t feel like I need misinformation to support my point. There are plenty of other more certain examples where he is an ignorant ass.

  2. Yes, precisely. This was debunked long ago. So the creator is deliberately lying to make a political point, or exists only in a media bubble. Not a good reflection on her, either way. We get people are sad that their candidate didn’t win, but come on.

  3. It’s appalling there are those who want to apologize for Donald Trump — because Trump himself has never apologized for anything and never will.

    In this particular instance, Trump had plenty of opportunities to set the record straight, but didn’t. Instead, Trump said he was misinterpreted. He wasn’t imitating New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s congenital condition, arthrogryposis — he was mimicking his “groveling”. You must remember that this was in response to Kovaleski calling out Trump on his completely false claim that hundreds of that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated on 9/11,

    So he never apologized to Mr. Kovaleski.

    And yes, I believe a man who would call women “pigs”, or rant that Mexican immigrants “rapists” and “criminals”, or say that Ted Cruz’s dad helped kill JFK, or lie about virtually anything — would stoop to mocking someone’s handicap in front of a crowd.

    I’m glad artists of Amanda Scurti’s skill and perceptiveness are now relating stories about how bullying and careless remarks impact real people.

  4. @Bob – the problem is, Trump could have made sure people saw the other speeches and clarified the point (beyond just saying “I didn’t do that”, which accomplishes nothing). It required some third party on some obscure Web site to put the footage together. If he really cared about what people thought, he should have done that more officially.

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