Here’s a juicy bit that popped out over at The Wrap, yesterday.  The Russo Brothers are developing a Quantum & Woody TV series as their next project after their Avengers: Infinity Wars films.

OK, we should probably back up a little for those who came in late.  Quantum & Woody has two incarnations that have different flavors.  The basic premise is that mismatched adopted brothers (an extremely serious and intellectual African American and his adopted slacker Caucasian brother) get super powers while investigating the death of the scientist father and the super powers force them to be around each other.

The original run by Priest and Mark Bright is one of the highlights of the late 90s comics market.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s dead serious and dramatic.  It really ran the gamut of situations, even though it was originally marketed as a send up of super heroes.

The revival by James Asmus and Tom Fowler is more of a slapstick reboot.

Both are good reads (the first run is considered a classic by many), but they play out a little differently.  And that makes it all the more interesting which approach the Russo Brothers are likely to take.

Are they returning to their sitcom roots, having gotten a lot of attention working on Arrested Development and Community?  Are they looking to be a little more action-oriented like their Captain America and Avengers movies for Marvel?  Are they looking to split the difference?

(Note: if they’re also working on script for the Ant-Man and The Wasp film, they must be already travelling in the direction of punchlines.)

This is a very good get for Valiant.  No word on whether there’s a network attached yet, but with the Russo’s behind it, I don’t think anybody’s that worried about finding someplace to show it.

In the meantime we have to ask ourselves:  is TV ready for The Goat?  (There would be spoilers involved.  Just pick up either series to find out.)


  1. If you had told me, fifteen years ago, that there would be a Quantum and Woody TV series…
    …well, it still would have been more believable than if you’d told me there would be a TV series where Archie bangs Mrs. Grundy.

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