Described as “Beauty and the Beast but with mad science,” Blood Stain is a slice-of-life/comedy (and even a little mystery!) comic on Webtoons that takes the old tale of opposites attract into a new world of chemistry, growing up in a tough world, and finding friendships in unlikely places. 

Created by sigeel (Linda Sejic), the web series centers on Elliot, an anxious chemistry student desperately in need of a job, especially when her family needs her most. Dr. Stein, a “sleep-deprived scientist” with a reputation for being a little mad, is in need of an assistant. Can the pair help each other and will their friendship be good or bad for both of them?

Blood Stain

The series started as a webcomic and was then picked up by Top Cow a few years back. It is now back on Webtoons, with new updates appearing on the 20th of every month. 

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