Image Comics imprint Top Cow announced a slew of new titles today at SDCC.

First up, we have Blood Stain, a series penned and drawn by Linda Šejić, wife of Sunstone and Rat Queens illustrator Stjepan Šejić.  Like SunstoneBlood Stain debuted as a webcomic.  The series focuses on Elliot Torres, a chemistry major who’s fallen on hard times and takes a job with Dr. Vlad Stein, who’s rumored to be insane.


BS02 BS03 BS05 BS04 BS06Next, writer-turned editor Bryan Hill will collaborate with artist Nelson Blake to produce Romulus, an action conspiracy series that pits the last member of a long lineage of mystical martial artists up against The Order of Romulus, a secret organization that has influenced the world from the shadows since the era of the Roman empire.

rom04 rom01 rom02 rom03

Then there’s September Mourning, a new comic whose Kickstarter just launched.  Top Cow founder and artist Marc Silvestri will team up with singer Emily Lazar to create an elaborate multi-media experience by combining comics, music, and social media.  The series focuses on “a lead character who finds herself split between worlds. She is a half-human, half-reaper hybrid who helps souls complete tasks they left unfinished before they died.  Standing against her are the forces of Fate, who seems to have turned against humanity, no longer maintaining the balance between good and bad souls.”

sm03 sm01 sm02

Finally, writer and Top Cow president Matt Hawkins will team up with illustrator Raff Ienco to invite you into a Brave New World-esque future where individuality, creativity, and negativity have been suppressed by medicine and selective breeding.  Despite this, one man and one woman manage to maintain the ability to think for themselves.  When they meet, they’ll spark a revolution that will determine the ultimate fate of mankind.

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