Doctor Mike Tyson is giving the people what they want, and speaking his mind because everyone knows his secrets. The former boxing heavyweight champ returned to San Diego Comic-Con to promote the upcoming season of his Adult Swim animated comedy Mike Tyson Mysteries. He couldn’t really get into the details on what we can expect because then it wouldn’t be a mystery now would it. “We are about to get really, really explosive. I like to use that word: explosive,” Tyson said. “Some dignified offenses. It will be offensive but dignified.”

Tyson expressed his dream real life celebrities and cartoon favorites he’d like to see in the animated series. “Foghorn Leghorn,” Tyson confessed. “I’d want Bishop Magic Juan, Snoop Dogg, Eddie Griffin, Flavor Flav in the show. We are going for mainstream celebrities like Howard Stern.”

So, I was curious if there was a Presidential candidate he admired or wanted to get in the ring with. Tyson fancies himself as a political pundit and had a couple things to say about Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

“I like Donald Trump,” Tyson said while laughing and covering his face.

ICYMI, Trump has been making headlines and climbing the polls because of the outlandish comments made about the Mexican migrants crossing the US/Mexico border during his Presidential bid announcement.

“He has balls. (Trump) is taking all those guys on. You gotta respect those kind of merits. We are all human, and we are going to make mistakes. We got a lot of emotional vampires in the world we’re living in.”

The Mike Tyson Mystery Team will be back at it again with all-new episodes on Adult Swim this fall.