We’ve featured Carta Monir for the “year of free comics” three times this year. I’m proud of that. I’m grateful that I’m able to experience her comics. Carta’s work is phenomenal. Her work breaks my heart. She strikes that delicate balance between melancholia and lightness. She whispers these dark, traumatic and lived story with every panel and you can’t help but to lean closer to take it all in. I’ve once described it as bittersweet. There’s this palpable sense of unease with the world, that this life is bleak. And yet, her lines, her colours and the tone she uses is delicate and gentle. It makes her stories all the more poignant. Her latest Stealth Mechanic is another example of her touching comics.

Stealth Mechanic is her second video game focused comic, this time for Polygon.com. It’s about her relationship to the video game series Hitman and what she found so appealing about it, mainly, the stealth mechanic and the ability to move freely. I will refrain from discussing her story too much and instead encourage you to go read it. It’s short, perfectly paced, raw and poignant. Have a wonderful weekend.