In Lies Within, a queer fantasy webcomic by Lacey Brannen, readers are introduced to a story that takes place in an urban setting but which liberally incorporates the supernatural! Filled with delightful profanity and with a black-and-white aesthetic (punctuated with blood red), Lies Within has over 200 pages for you to enjoy while you wait for the next new page to be released on October 5th, 2021.

Lies Within

The comic opens with Lysander and Simon hanging out in front of the apartment of Lysander’s sister, Zahra. It seems as though she is attempting to play matchmaker for Lys and Simon, but Lys is indifferent…

At least, until he realizes that Simon isn’t drinking coffee out of his mug, he’s drinking blood.

What could the reason be? Lys must find out (but honestly, Lys, maybe take a hint from the “Living with Vampires” phamplet).

But things get even more complicated when, on the search for Simon, Lys encounters an outright demon! 

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