As if being a teenager isn’t hard enough, imagine having medium powers and getting thrust into a universe filled with everything that scares you. That is what Max must face in Beneath the Woods.

The Tapas series created by Chris Stark follows Max, a 14 year-old trans teen who happens to be a medium and deathly afraid of ghosts, demons, and other supernatural creatures. Ignoring his otherworldly connection is no longer an option as he finds himself in a dimension overrun by everything that scares the crap out of him. To survive and get back home, he must join forces with Orion, who helps him discover the mystery behind the demon world and its connection to his powers as well as the true identity of “The World Ender.”

Stark drops you immediately into the action, with Max already immersed in a dark world and questioning why he is back. The red and black tones of the panels illustrate the creepiness of the demon dimension, and the expressions on Max’s face range from fear to frustration as he finds himself unable to avoid his fate.

Beneath the Woods is just getting started on Tapas and is set to update every Tuesday. With only seven pages currently posted, now is the perfect time to jump into the horror series and try to unravel the mystery.

Beneath the Woods