Wishing on a star dates back to the 2nd century when it was believed those twinkly lights were the gods peeking down. Obviously, humans should ask for what they want then since the celestials were paying attention. In Asterion on Webtoons, there really are beings listening to people wishing upon a heavenly body and granting them their deepest desires.

Created by NeverDraws (Chelsea Goerzen), Asterion wished for a better life when they were young, and much to their surprise, someone answered. Now a member of Starlight Assembly themselves, they are helping others the way the stars helped them. There are rules to granting wishes, of course. Each star has their own power set and the wish has a limited lifespan. But for a short time, you can experience what you really want or need at that moment.

Asterion is still new and learning the ropes. They’re still figuring out how to find the right wisher and if what they asked for can be done. In some cases, no matter how much magic you have, certain wishes may not be possible to grant.

The web comic offers a heartwarming fantasy drama as Asterion navigates their new life in the Assembly. With only a handful of episodes available to read at the time of this writing, there is so much to learn about why they needed to leave their life in the first place, especially at such a young age. And what about Cisco, one of the wishes Asterion is sent to grant? With his father gone, it seems his mother is afraid to lose him too, but Cisco is looking to spread his wings and fly away, both literally and figuratively.

Asterion updates every Sunday on Webtoons. To begin reading, click here.