In New York, the Lunar New Year is a big deal. From Flushing to Chinatown, parades, good eats, and good luck is abundant as cymbals crash through the streets and families gather to celebrate a new beginning. This year is the year of the Rooster– my year– so I’m feeling particularly swell about things such as Oni Press’ The Mighty Zodiac. This all ages title features anthropomorphic versions of all the animals of the Zodiac taking on mighty threats with dark designs on their world.

The collected edition, The Mighty Zodiac: Starfall, comes out this March, and in celebration Oni Press has provided us with a free copy of the first issue for you to check out!

Writer: J. Torres
Artist: Corin Howell
Colorist: Maarta Laiho
Cover Artists: Corin Howell with Maarta Laiho
Final Order Cutoff: 2/13/17
On Sale: 3/8/17
Page Count: 152
Price: $14.99
Age Rating: All Ages
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Synopsis: One dark and quiet night in Gaya, six stars fall from the sky. Master Long, the ailing leader of the Mighty Zodiac, sends his warriors out to collect the stars before the Moon Rabbit Army can get their paws on them first. If the Rabbits get the stars, the balance of nature—and the fate of all of Gaya—will be in danger. But Long’s plans to use the stars to “cure” his illness may be just as dangerous—and bring an end to the Mighty Zodiac itself.