Witchy is a complete and utter gift. I found it when trawling twitter for a new addiction, and boy did I find it. Ariel Ries beautiful, haunting and sweet comic is the queer, asian witch comic that you didn’t know you were missing (or maybe you did, cos who ever has enough comics about badass queer, asian witches?)


Witchy tells the story of a young witch Nyneve, devastated by the state authorized murder of her father. Nyneve not only has to come to terms with his death, but decide whether or not she will join the Kingdom’s WitchGuard (who killed her father) when she reaches conscription age. Or if she’ll do something far more radical and go rogue…

A must for any fan of comics, witches, inclusivity, magic and all around good storytelling, Ries has created a truly diverse, beautiful universe where teen witches of colour might just save us all.



  1. The artist’s style reminds me of Elizabeth Watasin’s very fun CHARM SCHOOL. Queer teen witches, a delightful story, and wonderful art. I hope this is as good!

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