I’ve been asked if I’d want to go back to high school, and every time my answer is an emphatic “hell no.” Being a teen is tough, especially when you are a free-thinking, independent, unique individual. In Acception Arcus moves to a new high school only to discover that being anything but average comes with a few struggles.

Created by Colourbee (Coco Ouwerkerk) and with edits by Annie LaHue, the drama webcomic on Webtoons centers on rainbow-haired Arcus, “an upbeat independent thinker, proud fashionista.” The synopsis continues: 

“Like the rest of us, is just looking for a few friends to call his own. Acception may be Arcus’ story – but it’s all OUR stories too – and it is for anyone who’s ever struggled to fit in, find love, or thought that High School was pretty much the worst thing ever invented.”

The art is just as vibrant as Arcus, and the distinct high school personalities are relatable no matter how long ago you yourself navigated adolescence. Despite difficulties, Arcus’ optimism remains relatively strong, and when he attempts to befriend a gothy artist, he doesn’t let her surly disposition stop him from complimenting her talents or trying to bond over their love of fashion. 

Acception is free to read here. New episodes drop every Tuesday.



  1. Hey this was a great suggestion, I spent the last several days reading all 214 installments (as a 51 year old CISHet single dad of a Transboy) and enjoying them sincerely. Can’t wait for the next part!

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