Sometimes, an adventure is the friends you make along the way. As much as I love a high-stakes fantasy world wherein there are plenty of fights and a lot of drama, I also love a low-key fantasy friendship tale that just makes me smile. That’s exactly what I get in cartoonist Jake Lawrence‘s A Nice Long Walk. The webcomic follows a young, elf-life creature in a tall hat who leaves home to go on her first big adventure. Armed with leek and potato soup (“a potion of strength!”) made by her younger sister and their papa’s favorite big sword, she ventures into the wild and quickly encounters dangerous creatures hellbent on fighting… at least, at first.

The protagonist in A Nice Long Walk embodies and displays such genuine kindness that she disarms each enemy she meets and makes friends with them, from a hungry goblin to a sleepy dragon to Buttercup the giant spider. It’s a sweet take on the Hero’s Journey, told through soothing shades of blue, pink, and yellow. This comic is hilarious in how it turns tropes on their heads, and reading is an absolute delight.

On Monday, Lawrence collected and released A Nice Long Walk on an Instagram account, with 89 updates so far. You can read from the beginning at and follow for updates. To keep up with Lawrence’s other comics, follow on Twitter @TheTimeCowboy; for extra goodies, you can support Lawrence on Patreon.

A Nice Long Walk

A Nice Long Walk A Nice Long Walk

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