Some house keeping:

• I’ll be busy with the judging in the Society of Illustrators inaugural Comics and Cartoon Art Annual much of today (poster above by my hero, Rutu Modan); I’m part of an embarrassingly star-studded judging group so I need to bring my A-game, as they say. Immediately after the judging I’m hopping on a place to go to the first ever MGA Con in Macon, GA. All of which is to say I won’t be around much today for the Beat. So to keep everyone busy for the weekend, I’m going to catch up with some art and previews I missed earlier this week.

• I’m sad to be missing the Diamond numbers today — I’m pretty curious to see those after the low-ebb of January.

• Many people have been complaining about an getting a pop-up Android virus here on the Beat. I’ve disabled any ads this may have been connected to, and my webmaster is on vacation until Monday but as soon as he comes back we’re making this the top priority. If you have any problems with pop-ups or loud ads, please send me a screen cap if you can. My ad network can selectively disable these. My reader experience is way more important than the pennies I make from these ads.

• I added a spot on the sidebar to sign up for an email mailing list. I don’t actually have anything to mail out at the moment, but I probably will at some point soon. I have no idea what it will be but all the web kids tell me you have to have a mailing list. Needless to say, this list will go no further than my a hard drive since I wouldn’t even know how to sell it anyway.

Okay that’s it! Have a great weekend!


  1. It’s not an actual virus, just one of those ads that pretends you have a virus to get you to download their virus scanner app, which is itself probably a virus. :P

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