On her blog, Colleen Doran has announced a new collected edition of A DISTANT SOIL, her long running signature work.

With the kind permission of my boss Jim Valentino of Shadowline, the fine Image Comics imprint that brings you many popular books like Morning Glories, behold the cover of the new edition of A Distant Soil Volume I. This will be released with new edits, new lettering, cleaned up and restored art, and, obviously, new covers and design. This will be the first new edition since 1997.

Am SF epic about two psionic teenagers on the run in a hostile empire, A DISTANT SOIL has been running on and off since the80s. It’s been mostly off for many years as Doran has concentrated on other work, but you can read the whole thing online, starting right here.


  1. Great news. Been a fan of ADS for a long, long time. If you like sci-fi AND fantasy mixed with real world this is the book for you.

  2. Very best of luck to Colleen and here’s hoping it attracts some fresh eyes, but I’m going to wait until the story is actually done before I even consider picking up another edition.

  3. @Suzene – I feel the same way, but Colleen has made it clear that the sales of this will pave the way for her being able to afford finishing the tale.

    I believe the web content on her ADS page has actually gotten into new material recently.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate your interest.

    Even though I am still working on the final volume, most of the A Distant Soil graphic novels are completely out of print. There is no way for readers to buy new copies, except on the secondary market where a trade paperback of A Distant Soil: Coda is going for $40. We need to do new printings. Most books stay in print when they continue to sell. I do the same.

    We cannot use the old editions, because the printer has lost the negatives. We have no original files to work from. We must redo the entire series from scratch and archive all the work and restore it digitally, which I have been doing for months. There is no way to recreate the old editions exactly as they were, because those negatives no longer exist.

    I realize George RR Martin has not entirely completed “Game of Thrones” as well, but his backlist stays in print. Otherwise, new readers have nothing to read.

    If you already have the original editions, that is great. You have the story thus far. Thank you so very much for buying and enjoying it. I truly appreciate it!

    A Distant Soil will resume periodical publication again starting in April. The last issue will be # 50.

    Hope this answers all your questions.

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