handmaid's tale nault

Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is coming this April, and it’s gotten a lot of attention for its unintentionally topical subject matter: a future fundamentalist dictatorship where women are back to being chattel and the birthrate has declined due to pollution and disease. When first published in 1985 it seemed like a cautionary tale and now that we have a potential future president who won’t even eat alone with a woman, it seems more alarming than ever.

In her many interviews about her comic Angel Catbird, Atwood has mentioned that she’s also written a graphic novel adaptation of her book. I was tooling around the internet and found a mention of it by the artist, Renee Nault, who posted the above illo as a teaser. The book will be published by Pengiun Random House, eventually. (Nault’s been working on it for a few years, and a hand injury slowed her down.) While there’s no actual pub date yet, looking at Nault’s art from her site makes me eager to see this, especially with Atwood’s involvement.

According to Nault, the book will be  200 fully painted pages, and I’ll be working on it all through 2015 for a worldwide release in 2016. Here’s a few of Nault’s non-Handmaid sketches.




  1. It sounds interesting, but your dig at Mike Pence makes me less likely to spend my hard-earned money on it. I am sure the author appreciates your efforts at narrowing the potential audience

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