Just in case you missed my explanation of how manga helped pave the way for a more diverse comics industry, here’s a video of me and then-Marvel editor Bobbie Chase in 1996 trying to explain why women might want to read comics. That’s really how it was folks.

The clip is from a TV show called The Anti Gravity Room, which was shown on the SciFi Channel, as it was then known, which was a US version of Canada’s Prisoners of Gravity. Both shows covered the whole “comics, nerd world” with taped interviews and comics-friendly segments that seem commonplace now, but were unique at the time. I think I co-hosted an episode or two, and I just can’t wait until those tapes surface.

Video via Sean-Paul Kearns who has compiled a list of all the You Tube videos of The Anti-Gravity Room. Watch if you dare!

Image ganked from this website, which has a nice reminiscence of the show.


  1. Was this the comics show that had Janeane Garafalo on it from time to time? There was a show like that in the mid-90s and I remember she did a joke about Galactus. I’ve wondered if that still exists. I’ve googled for it in the past and could never find it.

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