More free comics are being given away than ever before! Diamond has announced that 4.6 million free comics were ordered for this year’s Free Comic Book Day, to be held Saturday, May 4th. That’s up from 3,500,000 in 2012 and 2,700,000 in 2011.

A record 2000 retailers are participating this year. The timing the day after Iron Man 3’s opening is seen as propitious and the offerings include a range of popular fare from the Walking Dead to the Simpsons.

If you’re looking for where to bag your swag, The FCBD site includes a new comics shop locator to find participating retailers.

It’s worth remembers that FCBD, which practically qualifies as a holiday, was largely spearheaded by retailer Joe Field over a decade ago, when comics were at a low ebb. Although some wonder if it is still necessary, the press storm, social media buzz and personal excitement would sem to indicate that it’s still a valuable marketing tool.


  1. Ditto what Brian says.

    Try to put a little into to what they give out.

    Every year, I plan a route out to at least five or six stores in the LA area to see how the festivities are coming about. Take advantage of at least some of their 50 percent off sales (i.e; Meltdown Comics last year had a ‘buy comics by the pound sale’ which helped me get caught up on some Dynamite Entertainment and New 52 titles that I’ve been snubbing my nose at) and get involved in some of the community charitable causes.

    And remember, retailers are doing you a solid by holding these Free Comic Book Day events.



  2. I didn’t realize that retailers paid for the comics. Assuming that info is correct, should the name be changed to: Screw Your Comics Retailer Day?

  3. I would like to see the numbers broken down a bit before I get too excited by the increase. If I remember correctly, The Walking Dead was scheduled to have some NEW material for it’s FCBD release, and I imagine that is where a big chuck of the percentage of the increase is coming from.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Heidi.
    I continue to be awed by the efforts of retailers that really make a holiday out of FCBD. I love it that so many creators are getting in on the event by doing signings and sketchings at stores. And if there’s any indication that the publishers are holding up their end of this deal, the answer is in that 4.6 million comics ordered number.
    As my late friend Rory Root would say “I sure wish I had a bigger boat.”

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