Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your— you get the idea. Exactly one month before the film hits theaters, Marvel released 32 Avengers: Endgame character posters that add to the body count from Thanos’ world-altering snap in Infinity War. We now have a firmer grasp on who lived and who died when he erased half the population from existence. The former includes the original MCU Avengers, as we know from trailers; the latter apparently includes Shuri, which is certainly a choice.
Of course, we know that these deaths will be undone. The Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer and the existence of a future Black Panther sequel tell us as much. However, the Russos told HuffPost last May that several characters who weren’t on-screen in Infinity War definitely survived the snap, while refusing to confirm or deny the safety of even more characters. So, now we know the fate of 32 of our faves, but the question is: how exactly will the Avengers “avenge the fallen” in Endgame?
Check out the Avengers: Endgame character posters below. Posters in color indicate that a character survived; posters in black-and-white indicate that a character died. Reportedly, we’ll see the saga of their rescue play out in a 3 hour and 2 minute film next month, so pack snacks… and maybe some tissues, too.


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