James Kochalka’s unspell-out-able in a family website superheroes are back in a special digital only release called: SuperF*ckers Save Christmas. YOu can purchase it on Comixology.
Currently starring in a web series from Cartoon Hangover, (uncensored version here, censored here) The Superf*ckers always sink to every occasion, and Christmas is no exception. Kochalka writes:

I’ve always loved Christmas Specials.  I think there’s something corny about them… but also something really special and magic.  I mean, that’s why they call them “specials”, right?

This book was originally written as an episode of the SuperF*ckers animated cartoon series, but never produced in that form.  I couldn’t just let it die, so I drew it as a comic book.  And I got it done barely in time to release just one week before Christmas! 


  1. Awesome. I loooove Superfuckers. One of the best comics of all fucking time. This special was so damn funny, Kochalka rocks!

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