As we told you earlier today, David S. Pumpkins is the spirit of Halloween ’16. Any questions?

We’re certain folks are already planning their David S.  costumes now, and it turns out it’s all available at your Halloween local pop-up, as styled by MaDonna Flowers at HalloweenCostumes.com. Even the Pumpkins suit is available (although maybe not for long) as a “Pumpking” outfit. While Mr. Pumpkins is just a stylish suit and a streak in the hair, the skeletons are a bit harder, but still everything is off the rack:

The skeletons take a bit more time, but seriously not a ton. Use this Beetlejuice makeup kit to paint your face. All white all over, and then black around the eyes and on the nose. Scary, huh? This is a whole blog post of frights, babe, we’re probably screaming, too. The mad scientist wig completes the look, but don’t forget to add that white yoga headband. (Weird? Why are they wearing those? We have several questions about this skit.)




If you’re located in an urban area, there are probably about a billion Halloween pop-ups near where you live. so race over tonight before someone else gets to be “part of it” before you.