I’ve mentioned Lala Albert here before but she continues to fascinate with her disturbing but compelling mythology of three eyed women. Much concerned with myth and alien life, her work can be seen in Vice and on her website. Her day job involves designing textiles such as this.


Alvert is interviwed at Berserker Magazin

I see a similarity between this and nature documentaries and books.  We don’t really know what anything else is thinking and we can only assume.  I’ve been really into exploring the similarities of different types of creatures.  I have these DVDs Life in the Undergrowth, Life of Birds, Blue Planet.  I started watching all of those around the same time and it was really overwhelming to see how the behavior of birds is the same as fish is the same as insects, and if you look, the same as people and other herd animals.  I imagine the aliens I draw to be the future, what humans are evolving into.  As we explore space, the way we are conscious and the way we communicate changes and we become the alien invaders.  I see us starting to live like ants or termites.  I like to draw my characters sharing a hive mind and crawling on each other.