Currently working on Monkeybrain’s Bandette series with Paul Tobin, Colleen Coover possesses the cleanest linework of any artist possibly ever seen. Well known for her breakthrough work on Small Favors, Coover works very often with members of Periscope Studios, most notably Tobin and Jeff Parker – with whom she worked on a series of stories in X-Men: First Class for Marvel. Moving between work for companies like Marvel and her own creator-owned projects, Coover’s sense of expression and artistic glee comes through in everything she does. Whether it be Spider-Man hiding from Mary Jane on the roof of her lounge, or talking squirrels in Gingerbread Girl, there’s an innate sense of humour and fun to her art style. You can find more on her blog, or follow her on the twitters!


  1. Colleen Coover always makes me happy! Always enjoy her light-hearted takes on superheroes… looking forward to anything she does.

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