In case you missed it, we had a celebration of comics around the world on Friday with Beat staffers posting their thoughts on all kinds of comics, from manga to webcomics to British comics creators. Because it was a busy holiday, here’s a list of all of the posts.

Run Freak Run (Berlin, Germany) by Victor Van Scoit, with an interview with the creators.

Fabien Vehlmann, the Alan Moore of France by Heidi MacDonald

A survey of the German comics scene by Torsten Adair

Britain and Sandman Overture by Nick Eskey

The Bangalore Comic Con is underway by Heidi MacDonald

The New Asterix Album Is Announced! by Torsten Adair

Japan and Solanin by Lindsey Morris

Meet Boulet, Master of Visualizing Emotion (France) by Alexander Lu

Pablo Makes an Icon Human (France) by Matthew Jent

Kaoru Mori’s A Bride’s Story by Zachary Clemente

A lot of great comics to explore here, so enjoy! And big thanks to the Beat writers for making it happen!


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