Chuck Forsman

The latest Sundays Volume will be debuting at the 2011 MoCCA Festival in NYC; Table #H15.  Check out the names involved below. We are very excited about this version!
SUNDAYS: Forever Changes
132 pages
300 numbered copies
Cartoons by


• Mickey Z
• Jeff Lok
• Ed Piskor
• Warren Craghead III
• Aaron Cockle
• Melissa Mendes
• Joseph Lambert
• Mark Burrier
• Alex Kim
• David Libens
• Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi
• Dane Martin
• Julie Delporte
• Michael DeForge
• Sean Ford
• Samuel C. Gaskin
• Scott Longo
• Jose-Luis Olivares
• Mari Ahokoivu
• Max de Radigués
• Damien Jay
• Lydia Conklin

Covers by 
Damien Jay
Edited by 
Chuck Forsman
Alex Kim
Joseph Lambert
Sean Ford


Also making it’s first appearance is the all new KIDS anthology edited by Melissa Mendes and Jose-Luis Olivares.  Kids will be available at the same table as Sundays, H15, right next to Secret Acres.

70 pages

• Joseph Lambert
• Dane Martin 
• Nate Beaty
• Chuck Forsman
• James Hindle
• Max de Radigues
• Lydia Conklin
• Robyn Chapman
• Alex Kim
• Amy Mendes
• David Libens
“Kids” is an anthology of comics by some amazing people, all having to do in some way with children or childhood. We, the editors, (Jose-Luis and Melissa) have been thinking a lot about kids lately, and how we’re not kids anymore, and how maybe now we’re supposed to be grown-ups, so we decided to put this together.


Robyn Chapman

Editor and publisher Robyn Chapman is pleased to announce the debut of the new anthology This Isn’t Working: Comics About Ex-Boyfriends.  Six cartoonists share their personal stories about this sensitive subject.  Chapman has created a handsome, yet economical, showcase for their work. This Isn’t Working is the debut book from Chapman’s new minicomics publishing house, Paper Rocket.

Chapman selected 6 talented cartoonists to tackle this subject:

Cara Bean
Robyn Chapman
Caitlin Plovnick
Liz  Prince
Jen Vaughn
This Isn’t Working can be purchased for $3 at the MoCCA Festival. Look for this debut book at the AWP table (M6).


English Small Press

A bunch of UK Indy people are coming to MoCCA and The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log has all the news:

Who’s going? A whole bunch of great comics folks who’ll be familiar to readers of the blog: Cliodhna Lyons, Ellen Linder, Sarah McIntyre, Darryl Cunningham and Accent UK’s Colin Mathieson and Dave West will be flying the flag and raising the bunting in their own British ‘Aisles’ corner at tables K10 to K12. Colin, who was kind enough to tip us off to which members of the Brit comics pack were NYC bound, also tells us that this will be the first time some of these creators will have sold their latest titles in the US, so MoCCA guests and fellow artists, please do check out their work (which we’ve featured many times right here) and give them a warm NYC welcome.


Bob Sikoryak

There’s a Carousel show on Saturday and an animation screening on Sunday.

Details for both:

Saturday, April 9, 5:30 pm

MoCCA Presents

Cartoon slide shows presented by:
Kate Beaton
Lisa Hanawalt
Michael Kupperman
Jeffrey Lewis
Ted Stearn

Plus special guest voices:
Adam Conover
Julie Klausner
& more!

Sunday, April 10, 5:30 pm

MoCCA Mini-Animation Festival
A showcase of animated shorts with: Bill Plympton (Idiots and Angels), Signe Baumane (Birth), R. Sikoryak (Suncreen Serenade), and more



Only Skin 7 will debut at MoCCA Art Fest on April 9th, 2011. This is the final installment of a continuing story which has been in the works for 4 years. Only Skin 1 debuted at MoCCA Art Fest in 2007.

Only Skin 7, as well as Only Skin 1-6, will be at table H15 with the Sundays Anthology group. We’re also debuting Sundays 4 there this weekend.



Debuts at MoCCA, table M4, April 9th and 10th, 2011.

6×9″, 204 pages, black and white interiors, full color cover, $12
“The Trials of Sir Christopher” is a collection of two graphic novels, each completed as a part of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November of 2009 and 2010. Each chapter is 100 pages, and was completed in one month by C. Frakes.
The story is about a bumbling knight, Sir Christopher, and the monsters he battles.
Ages 12 and up (some violence)

32 pages, b+w, color cover, 5.5 x 8.5, $4
Tragic Relief is an irregular mini comic series written and drawn by C. Frakes.
Issues #11 features the third chapter of “Basket Ogress”, a story that will be serialized in 6 issues, as well as a short back-up story, “Tomato Dogs”, about werewolves and strange gardens.
Ages 7 and up (Goosebumps-level scary)


16 pages, b+w, screenprinted cover,  ONLY $1
An anthology created just for MoCCA 2011, so be sure to get your copy there. 4 short stories, 4 monsters, each 4 pages long, available at table M4!
Comics by C. Frakes (, Katherine Roy (, Laura Terry ( and Jon Chad (
All ages (cute monsters, not scary)



Darryl Ayo Brathwaite

This year has been an exciting and dangerous time for my Little Garden Comics. I wrapped up the latest story on my website only to have the same site go down a few days later. To rectify this, I’m debuting the Little Garden story “LIZZIE’S TAIL” as an adorable 20 page minicomic at this weekend’s MoCCA Art Festival. From the internet to the papernet. I will be exhibiting at Table J-13 with L. Nichols and Jorge Diaz. 


J.T. Yost

Birdcage Bottom Books is proud to present the penultimate chapter of J.T. Yost’s ‘Losers Weepers’ comic. Issue #3 continues the fictional narrative woven around actual found letters, journals and notes. 




1) My new book THE DISGUSTING ROOM is available from Sparkplug Comicbooks. It will premiere at MOCCA in New York City. You can order it direct from the publisher, Sparkplug Comicbooks here:

It will be in finer bookstores within the next few months.

I’m very proud of this book—I’ve never felt so strongly about any piece of art I’ve made. I pushed myself very hard to make this work what it is, and I am very excited that it now exists in print. Thanks, once again, to Dylan Williams of Sparkplug for making this thing with me.


2. I’ve also launched a publishing company of my own called DOMINO BOOKS. We will be focusing on publishing comics and artists books. Our first release is artist Sakura Maku’s 24 page comic DARK TOMATO #1.

I have been following Maku’s work for years—her art has influenced my own in obvious ways. I love comics and I love working with other artists, so making this book with Sakura and launching DOMINO is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. DARK TOMATO will be available in early May, but we are accepting pre-orders now:

Ben Marra

This weekend, I’ll be at the MoCCA FESTIVAL, in NYC, with the MAMMAL dudes at TABLE A17. Stop by and say hello. I’m sold out of GANGSTA RAP POSSE, but there will still be deals to be had on the rest of the TC titles.


Then next Thursday, April 14th, at 6 PM, I’ll be at the immortal, indestructible FLOATING WORLD COMICS store in Portland, OR, as part of the April Comics Week series of events, for a show of comic book pages and to do some signing. (see attached poster). I’m sandwiched between events with Carla Speed McNeil on Wednesday and Jeffrey Brown on Friday. A nice, cozy place to be.


Finally, next weekend, April 16th and 17th, I’ll be at the STUMPTOWN COMICS FEST at the FLOATING WORLD COMICS booth, TABLE 310. Again, deals to be had. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.


Seth Kushner


I’ve self-published a book of my CulturePOP Photocomix webcomic series seen on  They are a limited edition of 400, 36-pages, and are full-color. The dimensions are 5.5″ x 8.5″ horizontal format.  The book collects four remastered versions of my profiles on; bootleg toy designer Sucklord, Bronx Flavor cable TV host Baron Ambrosia, Aerialist Lisa Natoli and graffiti artist/sculptor Carlos ‘Mare 139’ Rodriguez.
I’ll be at the ACT-I-VATE/Undie Press table I1, on the south side of the Armory (the side with EXIT) sitting with fellow AIVers Tim Hall, Chris Miskiewicz and Kevin Kobasic.



Ken Wong

Origami Comics will be at table L-8 with the debut of “Cyrano de Bergerac’s Ballade,” an unusually-formatted minicomic adaptation of the famous “duel in rhyme” from Act 1, Scene 4 of Edmond Rostand’s heroic comedy “Cyrano de Bergerac.” Also for the first time at MoCCA Fest (after debuting at SPX’10) is Ken’s “SAM ISO: 2d4,” an Origami Comic strip in the form of a tetrahedron recounting a D&D player’s real-life random encounter.


Charles Schneeflock Snow

I’ll be debuting my new graphic novel Road at the upcoming MoCCA Festival. Road is a story of sex, faith, music, and adventure a long way from home. Local indie rock band Owns Big Mecha are hitting the road. They’re dedicated to rock & roll, but are they ready for what lies ahead?


Paul Hoppe


THE WOODS is about a boy, a stuffed animal and scary creatures (Chronicle Books).


Colin Mathieson

Accent UK

First MoCCA appearance this weekend from award winning indie publishers, Accent UK who will be at K11 in a British isles corner alongside Cliodhna, Darryl Cunningham, and ex-pat’s Ellen Linder and Sarah McIntyre. Drop by for a browse of their latest releases including;

Fall of The Wolfmen Cover.jpg

Fall of The Wolfmen – Tense action packed sequel to 1960’s British Gangsters thriller with a horror twist.

Fastest Man Cover.jpg

Whatever Happened To The World’s Fastest Man ? – 2010 Eagle award winner for Best British black and white comic. Share the dilemma and sacrifices faced by a man with the ability to freeze time as London faces disaster.

Accent UK MAN of GLASS Cover.jpg

The Man Of Glass – Human drama of a boxer at the height of his game and how he loses everything from rising Danish creator, Martin Flink who will also be at MOCCA as part of the Danish consulate contingent.



Emma Capps

Capps is a 14-year old national award-winning comic artist, who recently launched her own weekly webcomics and online greeting card store. She is expected to be the youngest exhibitor at the festival this year at her table (E 3 1/2).



While we’re not listed on the “exhibitors” checklist for this year’s MoCCA festival happening in NYC this Saturday, pood will be at MoCCA at table H8 (listed under the name Alexander Rader). Kevin, Alex and I will all be on hand to introduce our newest (and best!) issue, pood #3-featuring an international array of great cartoonists, including Jim Rugg, Robert Goodin, Takeshi Tadatsu, Ines Estrada and more!

We’ll have all three issues of pood available, along with my own books, fandancer and Look Out!Monsters, and Kevin’s introducing the printed version of the first part of “The Moon Prince”, his serialized webcomic.



Cathy Leamy

I’m debuting “What’s the Word?”, a mini collection of diary comics I’ve been posting on my blog. The mini includes all of the online strips so far and some bonus material only for the print edition. It’s like a “lite” version of my autobio minicomic series *Geraniums and Bacon* – travel stories, anxieties, mermaids, hair accessories, and more. I’m tabling with the Boston Comics Roundtable this year (www.bostoncomicsroundtable) – look for the comic on sale there.



Chris Sinderson

I will be at table C12 with Nick Bertozzi and Nathan Schreiber.
Title: Haberdash, Vol. 2
Authors: Chris Sinderson ( and Tim Hall (
Description: 18 page mini-comic featuring ink drawings of odd people wearing hats paired with a vignette



Bob Flynn

I’ll be at MoCCA this weekend debuting Heeby Jeeby Comix #2 which is an all-ages comic book featuring bizarre and funny comics by Bob Flynn, Dan Moynihan, David DeGrand and Chris Houghton.


Tea Fougner

I’m debuting a fully tarot deck called “Baby’s First Tarot.” It’s 78 cards of shiny happy goodness. I’ll also be giving tarot readings at our table. I attached a photo in case you want it! I’m at table G10 with the excellent Rina Piccolo.


Chris Miskiewicz


I’ve self published the first episode of the popular EVERYWHERE web comic, “Horses Everywhere” featuring the art of Andrew Wendel. I’ll be at the ACT-I-VATE/Undie Press table I1


Rina Piccolo

I’m debuting a self-published collection of comic strips from my web comic “Velia, Dear” My table number at MoCCA is G10.