Vertigo Announce ‘American Vampire Anthology’ with Amazing Line Up of Creators

Right, it’s Friday, you’re buzzing on whatever it is you kids buzz on, and you’re ready for the weekend to kick in. But! Allow me to make you just that little bit buzzier, courtesy of the announcement of a new one-off called ‘American Vampire Anthology’. An 80-page special from Vertigo Comics, with the following SPECTACULAR guest list:


Due for release in August, the 80-page special will be made up of six stories from the aforementioned creators, as well as flipping Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, all spinning out stories from Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque’s series. And brilliantly, Tula Lotay will also be part of the issue!

Enjoy your weekend, everybody! Buzz!


  1. Carter says:

    I burned out on AV a while ago but I will buy this just so I can read a Greg Rucka vampire story. Goodness.

  2. That is awesome news. A good collection of writers and artists. Made my Friday.

  3. Corey Poole says:

    Love AV, really looking forward to this anthology. Brilliant creators!

  4. HsssH says:

    This looks like a must buy.

  5. Like Carter above, I gave up on AV a while ago. I read through issue 18, and decided it just wasn’t doing it for me. However, this anthology just has too much talent jammed into it to pass up.

  6. James says:

    An all star cast. Everyone mentioned is a draw for me, but number one is definitely Rucka!!

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