Despite the worrying lack of monkeys and self-saving princesses in the Valiant Universe so far, the relaunched company line has been a pretty spectacular success for the publisher. That line will be increasing in September, as the Eternal Warrior will spin out into his own solo series by Greg Pak and Trevor Hairsine. 


CBR have the interview with the creative team, as well as some design pages of the character by Lee Bermejo. It looks like the book is being pitched as a ‘coming of age’ story, only with an immortal who has been around for hundreds of years and is a bit bummed out by all the rubbish things humans have been doing during that time. The Eternal Warrior (Gilad, if you want to be informal) will be going on a bit of a wander round the world, trying to come to grips with things and find a place for himself.

There’ll also be a wee bit of fighting.

The character, who is the brother of Armstrong from off of Archer and Armstrong, was first reintroduced a few months ago by Fred Van Lente in the pages of his book. This looks to be the practise across the line from Valiant right now, as rumours have a Ninjak series coming up soon too — that character first showed up in X-O Manowar last year.

This also solidifies the popular creed that you can’t have a Van Lente without a Pak. They’re the Butch and Sundance of comics writing.


  1. Yikes they might be stretching their universe a little too thin with another book. I know it was always a planned book based on the preview they gave early into the lines relaunch but still makes me worried they are going to get too big to fast and collapse like CrossGen and the original Valiant did.

  2. Well if the book are of the same quality as the recently relaunched line, I’m not too worried yet. Valiant is indeed back and doing good, in the current market. I`m reading 3 of their titles and they are awesome. Give them a try folks you won`t be disappointed.

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