The Kindle app updates to carry comics and kids books — and DC is there

Today’s Kindle app update for both iOS and Android has received little notice inside the comics world, but it has been enhanced to include comics and children’s books.

Children’s books, comic books and graphics novels on the iPad are presented in full color. Over a thousand children’s titles are available, including “Brown Bear” and “Curious George,” in addition to popular comics like Superman and Batman from DC.

“Children’s books come to life with brilliant images, fixed layouts, and Kindle Text Pop-Up for supported titles to magnify text for easy reading on any size screen,” Amazon’s description reads. “Comics and graphic novels are presented in Kindle Panel View for supported titles, showcasing the artwork in a panel by panel experience that reads as the author intended.”

Superman and Batman were spotlighted in the update page, as you can see, and DC’s GNs are available, with added content via Shelfari, as are all GNs in the app. Because Amazon does not participate in Apple’s proprietary pricing scheme, comics cannot be purchased directly via the Kindle app on iOS, but will be available to read after purchase elsewhere.

Speaking of DC and their problematic Kindle Fire exclusive…is it now over? Is WATCHMEN back in B&N? And what happened to comiXology? The world will probably never penetrate all the NDAs involved to answer these questions.
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  1. Torsten Adair says

    No Watchmen e-book on

    No new DC GNs in the Kindle store… it’s still the same 100 titles they launched with.

    Kinda a big deal, as the New 52 GNs are starting to ship…

    Hmmm… Nook has Dark Horse titles, but Amazon doesn’t…

  2. Christian says

    Meanwhile the CBR viewer app reads all new comics when you download them for free. ;-)


  3. Don says

    The Kindle App for the iPad crashes when updated. Disappointing, as the previous app worked (but not for comics.)

  4. Dave says

    After the update, I’m no longer able to download Graphic Novels to my android tablet. It would be nice if someone could provide a solution that just works regardless of the device you are using. Comixology is good but Dark Horse pulled their content to host on their own problematic solution. Seems that the content providers are doing everything in their power to protect their content and market share while providing the worst experience to customers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in for digital content, I just purchased a tablet with an AMOLED screen expressly for the best possible experience but I can see why folks do not want to move to digital comics. You can’t access your content even before you’ve read it. :(

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