Bryan Q. Miller’s transfer of the Smallville TV show to comics has been praised by most, with particular acclaim coming from his decision to not have Superman wear jeans, to not have him be annoying and cynical, and to not have him be boring. Radical thinking! And the digital-first series has now pulled off a coup you would never have seen from the TV series: the introduction of a certain dark knight into the story, who broods and dispenses vigilante justice over rolling intervals.

Yep, Batman’s going to appear in the book, starting with September’s issue #5! Here’s what he looks like, as drawn by artist CrissCross:

Oh and by the way the girl in the Nightwing outfit is Stephanie Brown dunno if that might interest you or not… I hear she has a fanbase or something.


  1. I’ve always liked Stephanie, but Miller’s Batgirl run made her one of my favorite characters, so I am definitely getting this. I would like to see her as her own character, though.

  2. In the Smallville universe did Batman have to make his costume out of the things found at his sporting goods job?