Podcorn Podcast 2/3/16 — How Do We Build a Comics Industry for the 21st Century?


We’re heading towards a tipping point in the market. Companies are partnering up with Walmart and Loot Crate and other alternative sales avenues are on the rise. DC is undergoing a Rebirth. Where do we go from here? How do we build a comics industry for the 21st century?

Surprising: You can buy C.F.’s Powr Mastrs 4 at Walmart.com


Walmart.com has a graphic novel section, with many superhero titles, but also media adaptations and some kids comics. Many publishers have attempted to enter the world of Walmart, and some have been accepted only to be rejected when someone actually reads them and see they are filled with sex and drugs and maybe some violence.

But as of now, you can buy Powr Mastrs 4 on the Walmart website for a mere $14.23, with free shipping.

The Beat Podcasts! More To Come: Marvel at Walmart


Recorded at Publishers Weekly, it’s More To Come, the weekly podcast of comics news, interviews and discussion with Calvin Reid, Kate Fitzsimons and The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald. In this week’s podcast the More to Come Crew – Heidi MacDonald, Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons – discuss Marvel’s elusive $5 trade paperbacks at Walmart, DC […]