Today, DC Comics announced something that patrons of local comic shops have been craving for a while. Starting this summer, their formerly Walmart exclusive “Giant” Stories will finally be available to purchase outside of the big box chain. Or, more specifically, the new content from those Walmart books, which compiled original stories with older content, will be made available as six-issue monthly miniseries.
The first Walmart story to be reprinted in the traditional LCS floppy format will be Superman: Up in the Sky. Written by Mister Miracle writer Tom King with art by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope, the story follows Superman after a tragic home invasion-turned-murder. The Man of Steel is “put on the trailer of a Metropolis mystery by Batman” that will take Superman to dark places and the distant planet of Rann– a world perhaps best known for being the origin of Adam Strange. The first issue of this series lands on July 3rd.

Following Up in the Sky, on July 10th, Brian Micahel Bendis’ and Nick Derington’s Batman Universe #1 will begin its standalone floppy serialization. The story for this title follows Batman as he tracks a stolen Fabergé egg. Guided by the Riddler, the Dark Knight chases the egg’s owner, Jinny Hex– a descendant of the legendary Western hero Jonah Hex.

Finally, DC rounds out their lineup of former Walmart titles with Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me, which begins serialization at comics shops on July 17th. Created by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Chad Hardin, this story follows Wonder Woman as she teams up with Etta Candy to track Steve Trevor, who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle while piloting an “experimental new aircraft.” The trail will lead Diana and Etta to a “mysterious and savage” island.
As a special bonus, these three series will be receiving brand new cover art treatment from Kubert, Derington, and Conner.


  1. They ought to just put them out as collected rditions. Making them series even limited ones, it’s just a money grab.

  2. Well the books in Walmart are errant where I’m at. I’m loads pissed that it has to go this way, so I can read a fricken story. Won’t buy exclusives in the future if they are just going to get collected anyway.

  3. See everyone? Nothing to worry about. I’m glad they decided to issue these as single issues in addition to the eventual trade paperback collection.

  4. Richard, they pretty much said from day one, that there would eventually be collections of the new material. It’s just that the exclusive deal dictated the new material’s initial release in the 100 page giants first.

  5. I’m glad I won’t have to go to Walmart to read these. I have all my teeth and I’ve never had my child taken away from me by the state because my home doubles as a meth lab, so as you can imagine, I really stick out at Walmart.

  6. This is exciting, I’ve been wanting to read them but the closest Walmart to me has actually been taken over by a white nationalist militia. What’s even more dangerous is that it was previously ruled over by methed out raccoons, so now they are staging an insurgency. This is all compounded by the fact that a bunch of 400 lbs customers in rascal scooters tipped over and have been slowly decaying in the parking lot.

  7. I’m also excited to have these in a non-Walmart store. Though I don’t usually shop at Walmart, because I went to college, there is one nearby. It’s about 15 miles away, but I’d never drive there in my Prius (gets great mileage). I HAD to go there once because it was the only pharmacy open and my Moroccan falcon Pierre needed a prescription filled.
    So I drove there in my Prius (amazing mileage and I’m saving the planet by owning it). I park and a rapscallion in cargo shorts and a “Tapout” t-shirt asked me if I had any oxycodone. I told him no and then he followed me to the pharmacy and waited behind me as I filled the prescription for Pierre. Once I had the bottle in hand, he stole it from me, and guzzled the whole thing, followed by a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red and some 4 Loko that he had in the pockets of the cargo shorts.
    “You rapscallion”, I cried, “that wasn’t oxycodone, it was medicine for eagle gout (Pierre eats a lot of caviar and hummus so he does occasionally struggle with gout).”
    I backed away as the security guards tackled him. I lectured him on why he should’ve voted for Bernie Sanders as they pummeled him.
    So as you can imagine, I’m glad to not have to shop at Walmart anymore!

  8. This is some American Psycho or Clockwork Orange level satire you’ve got going here. I have to admit, lecturing someone on why they should have voted for Bernie Sanders while they’re being pummelled is pretty damn funny. I’d say, get a job at MAD magazine except that it’s a bit offensive to the common man. Maybe some Socratic questioning publication. I laughed

  9. Don’t make fun of Walmart shoppers. They put Trump in the White House and will reelect him in 2020.
    Walmarts are no worse than comic shops frequented by 300-pound dudes wearing Goonies T-shirts.
    Have fun at Starbucks, folks.

  10. I don’t think anyone really has fun at Starbucks. They’re either buying mediocre coffee to break the monotony of their unceasing dolor, or they’re overdosing in the bathroom.

  11. Hearing a local public radio reporter saying she NEEDS a $5 cup of coffee to start her day made me think: “Some people are proud to be self-parodies.”

  12. FYI: The median household income of Walmart shoppers (53K) is almost exactly the same as the overall US median household income (57K).

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