Remember how last week, we told you that the Walmart-edition Superman Giant and Justice League Giant were going to be a week late?  Well, it’s going to be later than previously thought.

Today,  Superman Giant #4 is listed on DC’s website as arriving on 10/28.  (I’d probably start looking for it on Friday the 26th, but that’s how they’ve been officially listing things.)  Indeed, all four Giants #4s: Superman, Batman, Justice League and Teen Titans are all listed as coming out on 10/28.  Which means the entire line is running late.  Last week, all were scheduled for 10/21.

DC has not returned an email asking about this, but it seems highly unlikely that all four books had their new content running late at the same time.  That would be a heck of a coincidence.  Never mind that the Superman Giant and Justice League Giant new stories were distributed to the media back on 10/5 when those comics were originally expected.  Might be that they’re tweaking something to do with the distribution or display.  Could be they decided that maybe those Batman: White Knight ads weren’t appropriate for the stated audience and needed to swap out the back covers.  I have not seen any official announcements, but the on sale date has now been pushed back twice on Superman Giant and Justice League Giant, and once on Batman Giant and Teen Titans Giant.

No fifth issue of the Giant titles  is currently listed on the site, so no indications of how this might effect the November issues.  I would not take the lack of fifth issue listings as a sign the books have been cancelled.  The Walmart titles have not been listed several months ahead like the Diamond solicited books are.  It’s infinitely more likely they just haven’t uploaded the information yet.

Still, the significant delays are a bit of a mystery.


  1. I think they are coming out too fast for sales, to be honest. For the first two weeks, I could stack them carefully within the display, but they are now coming out fast enough to fill the two displays and a stack beside.
    –Signed, Concerned Customer Taking It On Himself To Make The Comics Look Nice

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