Last week, we noted that the Swamp Thing Holiday Horror special had arrived at Walmart, but that the fourth issues of Superman Giant and Justice League Giant did not appear to have come out.

Comics retailers make take some schadenfreude in that late comics aren’t just for the Direct Market anymore.

According to the DC website Superman Giant #4 and Justice League Giant #4 are now scheduled to come out on October 21st.  (Which really means sometime towards the end of next week.  They’re usually out before Sunday.)  Since Batman Giant #4 and Teen Titans #4 continue to be scheduled for 10/21, it looks like next weekend is going to be the first 4 title release week at Walmart.  We’ll have to wait and see if the titles ship in 2 batches next month or not.

The previews for Superman Giant #4  and Superman Giant #4 will have to tide you over for another week.


  1. How pathetically incompetent an editor do you have to be to not be able to get a reprint book out on time?! They only have 12 pages of new material each issue! Twelve! smdh

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