NYCC: Marvel Announce Season One Books for Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor


And now we enter into the world of NYCC, with sprawling corridors filled with multi-limbed octopeople, powerpoint presentations, and announcements. Marvel have today announced that they are to continue their series of ‘Season One’ Graphic Novels, with the release of Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor books. Telling the origin and first adventures of these Marvel […]

ADVANCE REVIEW: Uncanny Avengers #1


Mild spoilers below for the issue, which will be released tomorrow. Uncanny Avengers carries the weight of the Marvel Universe upon it. Not just the future for the Avengers side of the company, but now also the future for the X-Men side. Teaming X-Men Rogue and Havok with Wolverine, Thor, Captain America and Scarlet Witch, […]

Studio Coffee Run 9/28/12: Looper, The Walking Dead, Thor: The Dark World, etc.


Looper is already killing it with the critics, Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore reach an undisclosed settlement concerning Moore’s involvement with The Walking Dead, pic-o-mania for Kickass 2, Thor: The Dark World, and The Wolverine plus much more after the jump…

Marvel Reveal Jonathan Hickman's Avengers Lineup


By Steve Morris Via that very best of methods: the Dustin Weaver giganti-cover. The covers for issues 1-3 of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers relaunch have been revealed by Marvel today, establishing that more X-Men have moved over to Cap’s Crew. While there are no surprises about which members of the Avengers movie cast made it into […]

The Marvel NOW! Comic Parade


Here it is – an exhaustive look at all the Marvel books announced this week for Marvel NOWWWW, from Iron Man to Thor, with X-Men and Hulk inbetween. Also, the campaign for a Pixie Ongoing series picks up pace!

Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic are Worthy (to write Thor)


The next Marvel teaser suggests that Aaron and Ribic will be the team for the relaunched Thor series, which I guess they’re going to call ‘The Worthy Thor’? Or perhaps it’s a team series.

Marvel Cancel NINE Titles!


Say goodbye to nine of Marvel’s titles! Marvel Now! ushers in a new world without the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, or… Rogue/Gambit.

San Diego Teasers: Marvel Promise War


In the run-up to San Diego 2012, Marvel have released two teasers for an upcoming story called ‘War’

Cool images of Thor are all around us!


Thor is all around, no need to fake it.

Review: The World of Thorcraft


It’s very obvious that Marvel Studios movies have developed a style and look that’s quite consistent, from the type of villain to the type of love interest to the Stan Lee cameo. On the spectrum of Marvel movies, THOR falls a little bit south of the first IRON MAN in terms of sheer enjoyability, but north of just about everything else.

The good parts of the formula as developed by Avi Arad and perfected by Kevin Feige are just common sense: a reliable, solid director; respected, award-nominated actors in the villain, father figure, troublesome government figure and love interest roles; and a charismatic hero who looks good in a wife-beater. In the typical Marvel movie, science is both the hero’s friend and enemy — he (and it is always a he) uses science to better his own powers, but the forces of evil are always trying to duplicate and better that research, with the resulting showdown between the forces of order and the forces of chaos at about the 1:45 mark.

THOR movie tie-in: Simonson's Omnibus?


Has a 1000-page omnibus become the tie-in book for the Thor movie?

Marvel announces Thor & Loki for download


Continuing Thor’s conquest of all media, Marvel is releasing a new animated Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers series, based on the Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic mini, that explains why they don’t get along. The series will be available for download on iTunes, XBox and PlayStation starting 3/28 for $2.99 in HiDef and $1.99 in standard. The trailer debuted on Wired and producer Ruwan Jayatilleke talked about the story:

NICE ART UPDATE: Simonson provides THE MIGHTY THOR variant cover


The new THE MIGHTY THOR #1 by Fraction and Coipel will have several variant covers, including one by Walt Simonson himself. The book goes on sale 4/27.

New full-length Thor trailer delivers


Ooookay, NOW we are cooking! You know that part where Thor throws his hammer right in the dude’s face?

That was alright.

31 days of Niffleheim: New THOR images


HeyUGuys scans in the new issue of Empire and gets some new images of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. He’s no Alexander Skarsgard, but we guess he’ll do.

The film has an innovative plot, as well, as Thor and his evil
brother Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) must team up to defeat the sinister menace of The Boom Mike.