Writer Mariko Tamaki (Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me, I Am Not Starfire) and art team Gurihiru (Gwenpool, Superman Smashes the Klan) are teaming up to bring you Thor & Loki: Double Trouble in March 2021.

Thor & Loki: Double Trouble
Double Trouble from Mariko Tamaki and Gurihiru.

The upcoming Double Trouble follows the consequences that occur when Loki dares his brother Thor to steal an artifact from Odin’s vault. Is this one trick too many for Loki? Perhaps, but one thing’s for sure: thanks to the incredibly talented Gurihiru, whatever ends up happening to the two Asgardian brothers, it’s sure to look amazing.

This is the second time Tamaki and Gurihiru have teamed up for a Marvel comic, with the creative team tackling Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble in 2019, a body-swapping adventure that saw the two antagonists seeing things eye-to-eye. Will a similar fate befall the two Asgardian brothers in Thor & Loki: Double Trouble? We’ll just have to wait and see!

2021 is shaping up to be yet another busy year for Tamaki, who also has the middle-grade graphic novel from DC Comics, I Am Not Starfire, arriving in August 2021.

And Gurihiru has been busy as well: you can even catch their work on the cover of the recently published paperback collection of Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search from Dark Horse Comics. 

You can read the full press release from Marvel about Thor & Loki: Double Trouble below.

In the meantime: will you be picking up Thor & Loki: Double Trouble when it arrives at your local comic shop in 2021? What “double trouble” team-up do you hope to see Gurihiru and Tamaki tackle next? Let us know in the comment section!



Writer Mariko Tamaki reunites with Gurihiru for more ‘double trouble’ this March!


New York, NY— December 15, 2020 — Last year, acclaimed writer Mariko Tamaki teamed up with the Harvey Award-winning art team Gurihiru to produce Spider-Man & Venom: Double Trouble, an unforgettable series that took readers on a crazy, body-swapping ride through the Marvel Universe. This March, the all-star creative team returns this March for a new installment starring Marvel’s famous feuding brothers and sons of Odin—Thor and Loki—in mayhem that only gods can handle in THOR & LOKI: DOUBLE TROUBLE.


The action kicks off when Loki dares Thor to steal a powerful relic from Odin’s vault. The epic story that follows will be packed with both Asgardian adventure and high-octane action, all illustrated in the iconic vibrant style of Gurihiru.


“Gurihiru are awesome. This comic is so deeply adorable it’s RIDICULOUS,” Tamaki promises. “Very excited to get to write some more adventures with Marvel characters, ESPECIALLY Thor and Loki.”


Loki has always delighted himself in getting the God of Thunder into trouble. But has he finally taken it a trick too far? Don’t miss Thor and Loki’s wildest adventure yet when THOR & LOKI: DOUBLE TROUBLE arrives this March! For more information, visit Marvel.com.